Account and Profile

Q1: How do I access myLEARNING?

myLEARNING can be accessed clicking here or via the desktop icon.

Q2: What is my user name and password?

All users from the Online Resource Centre (ORC) were transferred to myLEARNING. If you have forgotten your user name or password, select “Forgotten your username and password?” and enter either your user name in the “Search by user name” tab or the e-mail address associated to your account in the “Search by email address” tab.

A password reset request message will be sent to your email address and, upon confirmation, you will be prompted to enter a new password.

Please note that this message will be sent from If you do not receive it, check your email “Junk” folder.

Q3: I do not have a username or password. How do I create a new account?

All user accounts from the Online Resource Centre (ORC) have been transferred to myLEARNING. If you did not have an ORC account, go to the home page and select “Create New Account”.

For detailed instructions on creating your new account, please click here.

If you are creating a new account, please enter your username as firstname.lastname (i.e. john.smith). Your username should be in lower case letters.

Q4: How can I view and/or change my personal information or password?

All of your personal information can be found by selecting “Dashboard” and then “Profile” on the menu bar.

Select “Edit Profile” to update your personal information or change your password.

Note: The first time you log into myLEARNING, you will be prompted to update your profile information.

Q5: How do I select my language?

You can toggle between French and English on any page using the “Language” button in the top right corner of the page.

Please note that some courses have separate English and French copies.

Q6: What information was transferred to myLEARNING?

All of the historical learning data stored on the National Learning Programs Database (NLPD) and the Online Resource Centre (ORC) was transferred. This includes course completion, training history, grades, and your user account information.

Historical learning data from National Learning Programs Database (NLPD) and the Canada School of Public Service is currently unavailable on myLEARNING.

If you suspect your learning record is incomplete, please contact us by filling out the Online Support Form.

Training History, Grades and Certificates

Q7: How do I view my training history?

To view your training history, go to “Dashboard”, then “Grades” on the menu bar.

Courses completed on the Online Resource Centre (ORC) will be displayed as complete in myLEARNING. Courses taken in the National Learning Programs Database or with the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) will not show up in your course history.

Contact us if your training history or grades seem to be incomplete.

Q8: Where is my certificate from a past course?

Past courses that were taken on the ORC, will show up as completed in your myLEARNING Dashboard, but not as certificates. If your training history seems to be incomplete, please use the Contact Us page.

Q9: Can I upload a certificate from a course I completed from an external learning provider?

No, at this time external learning certificates cannot be uploaded into myLEARNING.

Course Registration

Q10: How do I register for a course?

Use the “Courses” tab at the top of the page to browse courses, or use the “Search” box to find a specific course. Once you have clicked on the course, select “Register” to enroll in the course.

For courses offered by the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) or another external provider, the link will lead you to the course information on their site.

Q11: The course I selected is full. How do I join a waiting list?

If the course you would like to register in is full, and a waiting list is an option, you will be offered a place on the waiting list when you try to register. Please note, not all courses have waiting lists.

Technical Issues and Support

Q12: myLEARNING is not loading properly. What do I do?

Make sure that you are using the correct URL and not link or a bookmark. Type the following directly in your browser:

You could also try using a different browser. For example, if you are currently using Internet Explorer, you could try using Edge or Google Chrome.

Contact us if you require additional support.

Q13: Who do I contact for support?

Contact us if you have questions or comments about the course content, the system or technical issues.

Other questions to consider:

Q14: Can I be alerted when a new learning activity is added to myLEARNING?

On your Dashboard’s drop down menu, select Preferences. Go to Notification Preferences > System > Course Creation Request Notification and enable notifications (enabling will show a green square with the word “On”).

You can enable this function for your web account, for your email, or for both.

Q15: Is my personal information protected?

Yes, only you and site administrators have access to your personal information.

Q16: Why does my profile include my Personal Record Identifier (PRI)?

Your PRI is included in your profile for record keeping and course tracking purposes.

Q17: How do I know which courses are mandatory?

myLEARNING courses are arranged in categories and subcategories. The Corporate Learning category is then subdivided into mandatory and recommended courses.

You can also download a mandatory course checklist.

Q18: I am a manager/executive, how can I find out if my delegation training is up for renewal

Please check your dashboard for course completion dates.

Q19: Can I sign up for development programs via myLEARNING?

No, not at this time. Information on formal development programs is available through the Canada School of Public Service. Most development programs require you to be identified by your manager or organization, and to obtain certification through the Learning team prior to registering. For questions or inquiries, please contact

Q20: Can I add a course from myLEARNING into my Outlook calendar?

Yes, you can. Click on “Export Calendar” at the bottom of the calendar page. The ical file will be downloaded to your computer. Save it on your desktop (you can delete it later).

From Outlook, go to File > Open   Export > Import/Export. Select “Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)”. It will prompt you to locate your saved icalexport.ics file. Finally, choose whether you would like to import the calendar directly into your current calendar or as a new calendar. For more detailed information, please consult the User Guide.

Q21: If I do not have time to finish a course, can I come back to complete it later?

myLEARNING automatically saves your progress after you exit the webpage. Your Course Status Tracker, located on the Home page, tells you how many courses your currently have in progress. Simply click on the number next to Course in Progress to view which courses you have not yet completed. Your results will appear in a table format that is organized by Module and Course Name. Under Course Name, simply select the desired course in which you wish to continue learning.

Q22: Can I use myLEARNING to create my own learning plan?

Cohort learning plans may be assigned to you depending on your role, and these will appear on the left of your homepage. However, individual learning plans are not available at this time. You can sign up for specific courses that interest you and then access them from the “My courses” tab on the navigation bar.

Q23: If I have questions about the content of course, who can I ask?

Please contact us.

Q24: Can I still access course content after I have already completed it?

You can access any of your completed courses via the Course Status Tracker in the Home page. Select the number next to Completed Courses to access your desired course.

Please note: Some courses will have to be relaunched in order for you to be able to access their content.

Q25: Can I access myLEARNING from a mobile device?

Yes. myLEARNING is accessible from most mobile web browsers, and is also accessible off of the government network. Please note that some older courses may not load properly when using a mobile device.